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Onyx has a proven record in providing the total spectrum of engineering, program management, and technical support services to Government and commercial customers. Onyx is strategically partnered with multiple clients and partners, allowing for easy customer access to best-in-class systems and expertise.

Onyx Aerospace offers a complete range of services to meet our clients’ needs, including:

Onyx Aerospace provides rapid turnaround pre-concept definition studies to aid in the decision-making process for new advanced systems such as satellites, launch vehicles, and missile systems. Using our in-house tools and methods we provide customers with many different levels of architectures and campaigns. Our unique insight and perspectives are backed by a deep bench of experts with Program Development (PD) experience across various programs complete life cycle. The team’s experience in maintaining an efficient design process and applying the concepts of design of experiments (DOE) and surrogate modeling to explore trade spaces to provide additional design information for decision-making purposes. Our heritage in Program Development (PD) differentiates our team’s ability to complete the advanced concept design of many different systems. Onyx Aerospace can provide support for a wide range of advanced concepts.

Onyx Aerospace is dedicated to delivering innovative engineering design services to our customers using our diversely talented and highly skilled workforce. The close relationship cultivated between our clients and our skilled aerospace engineers, and test personnel is key to the growing success of our company. Onyx Aerospace has extensive experience in CAD/3D modeling, and rapid prototyping, while maintaining proficiency in CATIA, NX, SolidWorks, Inventor, SINDA (Advanced Thermal Simulation Solutions), Creo, and other industry design tools. Onyx Aerospace can provide engineering design services based on proven testing, analysis, and hands-on experience.

Onyx Aerospace has significant Technical Management experience; from managing individual organization(s) of highly skilled and diverse workforces to oversite of complex multi-million-dollar Programs. Onyx Aerospace has a wide range of experience with PMI, INCOSE, ISO, ITIL, CMMI, Lean Six Sigma, various agile development methodologies, and other industry best practices. Onyx Aerospace has the experience to lead an organization or a program through the riggers and dynamics to its ultimate successful growth and development. Utilizing skills honed over decades of experience and knowledge gained through leadership, certifications, and training. Onyx Aerospace can provide management team capabilities through and including staffing, budget analysis, and performance management. Onyx Aerospace can support Project Management oversight through the entire project lifecycle regardless of contract structures and types or preferred execution method.

Onyx Aerospace has a strong safety culture. Our Safety and Mission Assurance personnel provides independent oversight and support throughout every project and program to ensure safety and mission success is achieved. Onyx Aerospace personnel work in partnership with site personnel to validate requirements and aid in the planning for conformance and help projects to proceed smoothly, while utilizing the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) and International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001 standards, processes, and concepts. OnyxAerospace personnel provides their unique knowledge and experience in the development of Program and Project safety, risk, and quality documentation. Onyx Aerospace can develop customized solutions, proactively eliminating problems, improve operational performance, while keeping costs low, and people safe in the unique and often highly specialized hazardous operations.

Onyx Aerospace understands the need for Field, Ground, and Flight Operations Services in the industry today. As a result, we have placed key individuals with the necessary leadership ability, technical skills, and experience to meet our client’s needs. Onyx Aerospace has knowledgeable test conductors and directors experienced as task leaders while working on complex and hazardous operations, including ordnances, cryogenic, hydraulic, and pneumatic operations. Onyx has individuals trained in test and flight procedure development, Ground Support Equipment, and flight hardware handling, repair, integration, and onsite inspections/maintenance operations. Our personnel possess the necessary technical and communication skills; with a commitment to detail which will provide reliable engineering support for our customer’s products, processes, and operations. Onyx Aerospace gives our clients the peace of mind that they will meet all expectations and requirements of the end-user.

Onyx Aerospace has extensive experience in System Engineering and Integration (SE&I), utilizing processes and standards developed by Government and industry including the International Council of System Engineers (INCOSE). Onyx Aerospace provides an interdisciplinary capability of engineering and engineering management to our clients that focuses on how to design, integrate, and manage complex systems over their entire life cycles.  At our core, Onyx Aerospace utilizes system thinking principles to integrate the engineered systems for our customers projects to optimize their overall design and functions, while minimizing project risks and potential systemic design failures.

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Onyx Aerospace can provide support from Prototype to Product Launch or obsolescence replacement. Ask us about Virtual Manufacturing.

Onyx Aerospace is revolutionizing Modeling, Simulation, Software and Analysis (MSSA) processing standards. Onyx Aerospace is actively partnering with Universities and Commercial industries to leverage the advancements in both Hardware and Software technologies to push the leading edge for Sensor Scene Generation across active and passive energy spectrums. Our methodologies enable faster than real time generation of highly complex scenes and environments from ground to space-based sensing to include non-traditional orbits and Cislunar scenarios. Onyx Aerospace’s data products support traditional ingestion into existing sensor models but are designed for direct injection into AI/ML algorithms.

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